Cystic Nephroma with Pleuropulmonary Blastoma: A Rare Dual Pathology

Kiran Hilal, Anam Khan, Nida Sajjad, Kumail Khandwala


Cystic nephroma (CN) belongs to a heterogeneous group of renal cystic tumors while pleuropulmonary blastoma is an uncommon pediatric lung neoplasm, believed to be originating either from lung tissue itself or from the pleura. Synchronous development of pleuropulmonary blastoma following cystic nephroma is a rare entity in pediatric patients. The etiology and pathogenesis of this dual pathology is still unknown. We report a case of a child who presented with an abdominal mass diagnosed as cystic nephroma on surgical resection, who later developed a thoracic lesion which was subsequently diagnosed as pleuropulmonary blastoma.


Cystic nephroma; Pleuropulmonary blastoma; Renal cystic tumor

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