Penetrating Injury of Pelvis, Abdomen and Thorax in a Child with a Trident (Trishula)

Jile Dar Rawat, Prabudh Goel, Vijaymahantesh S Kunnur, BB Kushwaha, Renu Kushwaha


Penetrating abdominal injuries are uncommon in the pediatric age group and are associated with a high mortality. A seven year old girl suffered penetrating injury to perineum when she fell onto the trident (trishula – traditional three pronged spear) implanted alongside Lord Shiva’s idol. The rod caused perforations of the transverse mesocolon, ileum at 3 places, right lobe of liver, diaphragm, parietal pleura, and exited from 7th intercostal space. Surgical repair of each damaged site was undertaken. Despite delayed presentation, the child survived following surgery.


Thoraco-abdomino-pelvic impalement, Child, Injury, Trident, Trishula

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